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Taglink is a social media app that brings users and merchants
together to communicate, shop and access useful services.


Chat to friends or merchants. Send stickers, images, location, voice messages and even money in chat.

Shopping & Services

Look for great deals and services from merchants, discover jobs, post your resume, all in your area.

Payments & Ewallets

Your own wallets to transfer money to friends, or to earn rewards, or to store credit card details for purchases using your PIN. Integrated NFC and QR for ID Verification and faster payments.


Merchants may offer you rewards points to save and spend - Your wallet is where you can see them all at one time, and check how to spend them.

Explore Taglink

Use this interactive carousel to see features of the Taglink app. Click on any yellow icon to explore details.

Search and Chat

Search for friends by ID, email, name or mobile phone number, and chat to them. Taglink uses the Jabber XMPP protocol, so you can also use your credentials in any other XMPP chat app on desktop or mobile. Taglink does not store your chat conversations once they have been read by the recipient.

Chat Features

Send Images, Location, Stickers, money, and voice messages.

Send Money

You can send money right in the chat by typing #payamount and it will send from your default wallet. - for example, if you have PHP set as your default in preferences, then typing #pay100 will send 100 Pesos instantly to whoever you are chatting with.


Merchants can post deals, services and information for you to receive when you are in a particular location, using geofencing, bluetooth beacons, RFID and QR code scanning.


Icons from left to right:

Like or Dislike -You can block someone from contacting you.
Chat - Initiate chat session with this person.
Friends - send invite to be a friend, or unfriend someone.
Send Money - Send Money to this person, choose wallet and add annotation.
Rating - Rate someone with a high score of 10 and a negative score of -10. The higher your own rating the more power you have to rate someone. If you don't have a rating then your rating won't count till you do.